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Famous Types of Sandwich


Top Three Famous Types of Sandwich


Sandwiches can be served as breakfast or even lunch and dinner for people who like fast food or those who are really busy with their works.Thus, having sandwich as part of their meals has become really trendy. Although sandwich is very popular among busy people, they do not even know how many types of sandwich existed. There are many delicious and healthy kinds of sandwiches. Below are the top three famous types of sandwich that you should now know.

The Club Sandwich


This is one of the most and common types of sandwich. There are many names given to this kind of sandwich as well. For sometimes, it is called The Club Sandwich. For other times, it is called Clubhouse. This is a type of sandwich in which the cook toasts the bread, and make it together with fried bacon or hub, and vegetables, such as, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, and red onion. Moreover, the cook often apply mayonnaise or other tasty sauces on top of the meat and veggies as well. This sandwich is the most simple and easiest to cook. It also takes little time to make it as well. More than this, it is very popular among people and other restaurants.

Egg and Salad Sandwich

sandwich with egg

Egg Salad Sandwich is also easy to cook due to the fact that it does not require a lot of ingredients. All you need are brown bread, egg, vegetables,mustard, mayo or other sauces owing to your favorite, salt, and pepe. Normally, the cook only makes hardboiled egg and put it in the middle of two slices of brown breads. For those who like eating vegetables, they can add more lettuce, tomato, or cucumber, or some onion together with the egg as their topping. Do not forget to get mustard in and put on some mayo as another topping to make it even even tastier.

Ham and Cheese Sandwich

sandwich with ham

By learning the name of this sandwich, some people might probably already guess about its ingredients. So, it includes Ham and Cheese. Like other types of sandwich, this Ham and Cheese sandwich is also very popular among all types of people due to its deliciousness, easy recipe, and simple preparation. To add more taste into it, you can also add more egg or vegetables, according to your favorite, together and add other kinds of sauces as well.